Project Description

This is a powerful Worcester Bosch 38CDi. It needed to be able to cope with the demand of 8 radiators and 30m2 of underfloor heating.

To the left of the boiler on the vertical pipe we fitted a scale reducer to protect the appliance from the limescale found in York’s hard water.

Underneath we have fitted a magnetic filter to catch the iron oxide (the black sludge) found in unprotected heating systems, this is one of the main causes of radiators not heating properly, and reduced efficiency in boilers, although always important to take these precautions, it is especially necessary in this case due to the underfloor heating as no access can be gained to the pipes later on due to the tiled floor.

We have also fit two zone valves, these allow the boiler to heat the radiators and underfloor heating independently to each other so you can have one without the other, both or neither.

The house is currently having an extension built and once this is complete the remainder of the pipework will be completed.